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thoughts on everyday sexism (oy vey)

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I usually don’t get too political on my blog (though those who know me know that I am VERY outspoken about my political beliefs IRL …probably too much so!), but given the current global political climate, and, in particular, the US’s current political events, I just have not been able to stop thinking about the intersection of feminism, patriarchy, and the way the world treats women and men daily. Let me preface this post by […]

fall to do list

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Hello and welcome to September! If you’re like me, you’re probably sitting there wondering how the hell it is already September(??!!)… but here we are. And that means it is officially time for my seasonal bucket list, which is, essentially, a list of things that either get me excited for the season to come or help keep me on track to accomplish larger goals. However, this year’s fall To Do list is going to be […]

eight things i’d tell my younger self

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Being the eldest of three children, I was, by default, the ‘guinea pig’ of the family; the first of my siblings to do or go through almost everything – puberty, school, friends, relationships, you name it – with no older sibling to advise or buffer against my (inevitable) future mistakes and mishaps. I remember so badly wanting an older sister or brother to show me the ropes, so that I wouldn’t have to be the […]

wedding anniversary in säby

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Two weeks ago, Conrad and I celebrated our three-year wedding anniversary with a little staycation at a charming hotel in the Stockholm archipelago. Though we are usually quite low-key about our anniversary, this year we felt like doing something a bit more special. Thankfully, I remembered that I had a gift card from my office from Christmas last year that was expiring this (!!) month, so I got online and looked at what gift options […]

an ode to Swedish summer

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Summer in Sweden is such a gamble. Normally, the season is a roller coaster of a few beautiful days sandwiched between weeks (sometimes months) of clouds, rain, and thunderstorms. High temps usually max out at 25-27°C (about 75-80°F), and it always, always, ALWAYS rains on Midsummer’s eve. While we did get rain on Midsummer (tradition!), the rest of this summer has been completely out of the ordinary. Days and days of 30°C heat, sunshine, and […]