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Moving Overseas

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Moving to a new country is no small feat. I admit, after living in 10+ different countries throughout my life, I am quite used to it at this point, but even so, the idea of leaving Colorado after seven years freaked me out. After I announced our move, I had a lot of questions about moving to a new country, so I thought that it would be fun to put together a few tips and pointers […]

my best travel tips

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I consider myself to be pretty well-traveled, but when I think of a pro, I immediately picture my mom. She’s been traveling the world since she was five years old, and has not stopped since. I think we once tried to count how many countries she’d been to, and the number tallied way over 100. She’s been in more airports than anyone I know, and she is a complete master when it comes to packing and traveling. […]

five things my parents taught me about love

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Our parents are one of the most significant parts of our lives, but they’re certainly not without flaws. Most discussions with friends regarding parents admittedly involve a lot of eye-rolling and mock-horror. While my parents have been mentioned in a few of these discussions (remember the DONUTS, Mom!?), I know how lucky I am to have been raised by my mom and dad. It’s far too easy to point out everything our parents did ‘wrong’, […]

five tips for hosting overnight guests

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Happy Hump-day! Graduation + wedding season is just around the corner, which means friends and relatives will be flying in to join the celebration. While it’s great to have everyone come together, sometimes it’s not so great to have a million people (or two) staying at your place. Usually this comes down to lack of preparation and then feeling embarrassed by your messy place or annoyed by your guests’ snoring while sleeping on the floor next […]

friday favorites

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Hi friends! Happy Friday! Hope you all had a more-or-less good week. Mine’s been pretty good, with a decent mix of work, play, and knitting time (literally. can’t. stop. knitting.). This weekend is my 26th birthday, and I’m celebrating by throwing a small dinner party because what birthday is complete without nine hours of stress and panic in the kitchen? ☺ Just kidding! I love cooking and I rarely get to do it for a crowd, so […]

how to survive: going home for the holidays

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It’s to be expected, really – reuniting for a week or two after months of time apart with people who you know will always love you during an extremely stressful and busy holiday…pretty much a recipe for disaster. My family is spread out all over the world (this year we finally we had three of us on the same continent –  a rarity!). Thus, when we do come together, there is a LOT to catch […]

food for thought – on getting engaged

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For today’s post, I thought I’d write a little bit about my thoughts and feelings since getting engaged one month ago. If you’re in the mood for some random, mushy ramblings, read on! Conrad proposed to me on October 6th this year, and the whole thing still feels so surreal. I think the biggest surprise so far has been the fact that being proposed to really wasn’t a ‘surprise’, like I thought it would be. […]