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go, go, go

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Don’t let this serene winter landscape fool you – things have been hectic and crazy AS PER USUAL*. So, what is new? Glad you asked: 1. My 1-year work contract has miraculously been extended to a permanent position, so THAT’S HAPPENING. 2. We’re moving! Again! To Uppsala, but for real this time. GOODBYE gruelling 1.5 hours commute from southern Stockholm and HELLO adorable little Swedish farmhouse (with a forest for Winnie to roam freely) that […]

return to blog!

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Hi friends! First, I apologize for my ridiculously long absence. I could blame it on being busy, moving homes, travelling between continents, etc., etc., but to be honest….I just needed a break! Without much advance planning, I took a nice, long, blog (and computer) break and, not gonna lie, IT FELT GOOD. I now feel much more energized and excited to be back! Second, happy new year 2015! How’s the new year treating you so […]

the irony

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{image via} In lieu of Friday Favorites, I thought I’d talk a little bit today about blogging and materialism and how ridiculous the whole thing is. I know, as a blogger myself,  this post may make me out to be a huge hypocrite, and sometimes I can be, but on the whole, I’ve noticed a significant shift in the blogging world since I first started reading blogs around 5-6 years ago and it’s been bothering […]