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wedding anniversary in säby

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Two weeks ago, Conrad and I celebrated our three-year wedding anniversary with a little staycation at a charming hotel in the Stockholm archipelago. Though we are usually quite low-key about our anniversary, this year we felt like doing something a bit more special. Thankfully, I remembered that I had a gift card from my office from Christmas last year that was expiring this (!!) month, so I got online and looked at what gift options […]

our wedding, part two

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Who’s ready for round two??! As I’ve probably mentioned, we decided to split our wedding into two occasions: a small ceremony on Friday followed by a bigger reception the next evening. The idea of an all-day wedding marathon sounded exhausting, and with so many friends from out of town, we wanted to spread things out to spend as much time with them as possible. We held our reception at The Mainline, a local restaurant in […]

peter and jenna’s wedding

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As I mentioned, last week was Peter and Jenna’s wedding in Billings, MT. We happily made the trek through Wyoming, going through only one major storm on the way ☺ It was so bad, everyone was stopped on the side of the road, and I literally couldn’t see the hood of the car at one point (sooooo scary!). Once it passed, though, we were on the road again! We made it in pretty good time, and […]

graduation weekend

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Hi friends! Last week marked Grad Week at CSU, and a whole bunch of our friends graduated! I love Fort Collins, but living in a college town does have its downsides, as every couple of years we have to say goodbye to dear friends leaving school. The only saving grace of this sad fact is that we get to attend a myriad of parties celebrating our accomplished pals, and last weekend was full of them! […]