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why sweden?

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If I were to label my relationship with Sweden on Facebook it would most definitely be, ‘It’s Complicated‘! As we now know, my background story is all over the place. I actually pity my closest friends, because they have undoubtedly heard me explain my story hundreds of times to any poor, innocent fool who’s asked that loaded (for me, anyway) question: Where are you from?  These are the friends that can practically recite my little […]

2016 goals

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It’s that time of year, folks! In keeping with last year’s tradition, I’m setting several goals (rather than making resolutions) for this next year. I personally find broad goals a lot easier to work towards in contrast to strict resolutions – that’s always been a big struggle for me –  so without further ado, here are my personal goals for 2016! {image via} 1. Be a better bloggerThis sounds a bit lofty, but I’d really […]

thank you

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Hi guys, I just wanted to say thanks for letting me share something so personal about myself yesterday. The kind comments I received touched me so deeply, and mean so much to me. I know that I have not been the best at updating this year and I could probably list off about 3,263 reasons why that is, but I do love this blog and I am so grateful for the readers, friends, and family […]

i had no idea

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national eating disorders awareness / neda / personal / recovery

I am not sure how many people are aware, but this week is National Eating Disorders awareness week. It creeps up on me every February, and I usually try to ignore it, but this year it is especially important to me because this year, I can finally say I am recovered from my eating disorder.  You might be thinking, “Huh? What eating disorder?”. Without going into too much detail, I suffered in secret from an […]

friday favorites

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Happy Friday, guys! Let me just say right now: T.G.I.F.  For some reason, I’ve been in a funk this whole week, and I have never been happier to see the weekend just around the corner. You know those days where nothing is really ‘wrong’ but you can’t pull yourself out of a bad mood? Yeah, that’s been me all week (poor Conrad). I don’t know if it’s the fact that the sun is shining, or […]