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A quick hello….

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Hellooooo! Contrary to what the lack of posting on this blog might suggest, I am alive and kicking. Here is a photo of Winston to distract you of the fact that I am the WORST blogger ever: Isn’t he just the CUTEST? The answer is yes, yes he is. Anyway, I apologize for disappearing yet again. Moving is so stressful, and while some things have calmed down a bit, there is still so much up […]

in pursuit of pleasure

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I hope you’ll forgive me for the random-ness of this post, but it’s just something I was thinking about the other day that I wanted to share. Last summer, Conrad and I spent two weeks in Europe to celebrate our marriage with the French side of my family. In case you didn’t know, my dad is French! He hails from Haute Maurienne, the part of France that borders Italy and Switzerland, and the home of […]

food for thought – on getting engaged

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For today’s post, I thought I’d write a little bit about my thoughts and feelings since getting engaged one month ago. If you’re in the mood for some random, mushy ramblings, read on! Conrad proposed to me on October 6th this year, and the whole thing still feels so surreal. I think the biggest surprise so far has been the fact that being proposed to really wasn’t a ‘surprise’, like I thought it would be. […]